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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F9671SDSoftware Update Detail Table
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
9F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
10F41021LIItem Location File

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F76AUI46WFCERG A/R -Work File - ARG - 03B - 76A
3F4211SDSales Order Detail File
4F4101IMItem Master
5F0101ABAddress Book Master
6F0911GLAccount Ledger
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
3F0101ABAddress Book Master
4F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
5F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
6F4211SDSales Order Detail File
7F42119SDSales Order History File
8F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
9F0902GBAccount Balances
10F4801WAWork Order Master File

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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP00: Foundation Environment
1F0025Ledger Type Master File1LHLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
2F0902Account Balances5GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
3F0911Account Ledger22GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
4F0911TAccount Ledger Tag File5GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP05: Time Accounting and HRM Base
5F069106Union Benefits Master14Y1LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP05T: Time Entry
6F063951Payroll Journal (Compressed) File7GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP07: Payroll
7F05290WF - Payroll Journal (Detail)7JRLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP09: General Accounting
8F0902BAccount Balances - 52 Period Accounting5GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
9F0902PPurge - Account Balances5GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
10F0902Z1Account Balances - Batch File5GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
11F0911PPurge - Account Ledger22GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
12F0911RWF - Acct Ledger File for Reconciliation22GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
13F0911R1Account Reconciliations Header - OneWorld ONLY8GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
14F0911Z1Journal Entry Transactions - Batch File39VNLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
15F0911Z4F0911 Interoperability Table44SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
16F0912Cost Allocations/Flex Budgeting17RJLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
17F0912AIndex Computation Entry File13RILTLedger TypesStringUDC20
18F09UI004Variable Numerator Allocations work file14R#LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
19F09UI007Match Bank Tape to Recon File - ONE WORLD ONLY15GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
20F09UI009Trial Balance Generic Work File - OneWorld ONLY3GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
21F09UI010WorkFile for R0970115WFLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
22F09UI013Company by Batch Out of Balance4GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
23F09UI014Annual Close Work Table8GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
24F09UI015Indexed Computations Multi-Tiered Entries22GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
25F09UI016Account Balance Compare Exceptions5GWLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
26F70UI001Work File for G/L by Cat. Code Localization11WALTLedger TypesStringUDC20
27F740911Work File for G/L Report by Category Code Localization14WALTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP10: Financial Reporting
28F1001Multi-Site Consolidation Transfer File Header14GPLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
29F1001Z1Unedited MSC Interoperability Header Table24IALTLedger TypesStringUDC20
30F10UI520Cash Flow Statement Worktable5CWLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP12: Fixed Assets
31F12003Default Depreciation Constants4FFLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
32F1202Asset Account Balances File5FLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
33F1202PAsset Account Balances Purge Table5FLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
34F1208Units of Production Schedule Master File2FPLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
35F12141Disposal Account Rule Table3DTLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
36F12911ERPost G/L to FA Exceptions Work File7GLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP13E: Equipment Cost Analysis
37F1383Equipment Analysis Costs9ECLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
38F1385Equipment Analysis Rules3ERLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP15: Property Management
39F1532BExpense Participation Audit File13NTLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP16: Profit Management (EPS)
40F1602Cost Analyzer Balances5CBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
41F1602Z1External Cost Analyzer Balances - Interoperability Table27CZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
42F1603Cost Analyzer View Structure14CVLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
43F1610Cost Calculation Definitions41CDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
44F1611Cost Calculation Transactions14CTLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
45F1632Driver Balances4CBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
46F1632Z1External Driver Balances-Interoperability Table26CYLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
47F1642Rate Master Header File1RHLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP39: Advanced Stock Valuation
48F3910G/L Adjustment Table12SCLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP40: Inventory/OP Base
49F4011ZBatch Receiver File - Order Details197SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
50F49211Sales Order Detail File - Tag File116UDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
51F49211Z1Sales Order Detail Tag Unedited Transaction File135S1LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
52F49219Sales Order Detail - Tag History File93UDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP41: Inventory Management
53F4115Item History6IHLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP42: Sales Management
54F42800GSales Update G Batch Workfile15SGLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
55F470371TTag for F470371- EDI shipping Notice Detail - Outbound36UZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP42B: Sales Order Entry
56F49299S.O. Detail Tag Ledger File116UDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP43: Procurement
57F43080Approvals Fields Constants128PDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
58F4311Purchase Order Detail File124PDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
59F4311ZPurchase Order Generator File128PWLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
60F4311Z1Purchase Order Detail Unedited Transaction Table137SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
61F43199P.O. Detail Ledger File - Flexible Version124OLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP44H: Homebuilder Management
62F44H590Closing Worksheet Accounting Instructions8CILTLedger TypesStringUDC20
63F44H591Closing Worksheet Entries11CWLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
64F44H611Bid Details63BDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
65F44H611WBid Details Work File67BWLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
66F44H711Lot Start Workfile74SWLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
67F44H711ZHB Lot Start Unedited Transaction File87SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
68F44H71W1Lot Start Generation Workfile74GWLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP47: Electronic Commerce
69F47012EDI Purchase Order Detail - Inbound198SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
70F47017EDI Purchase Order Detail - Outbound138SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
71F47022EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound138SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
72F47027EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Outbound198SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
73F47047EDI Invoice Detail (Sales) - Outbound198SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
74F47072EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Inbound139SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
75F47077EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Outbound139SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
76F47092EDI Request for Quote Detail - Inbound198SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
77F47097EDI Request for Quote Detail - Outbound138SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
78F47102EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Inbound138SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
79F47107EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Outbound197SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
80F47132EDI Purchase Order Change Detail - Inbound199SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
81F47137EDI Purchase Order Change Detail - Outbound139SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
82F47142EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound140SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
83F47147EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail - Outbound200SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
84F47157EDI Shipping Schedule Detail - Outbound147SZLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP48S: Service Billing
85F4812Billing Detail Workfile16WDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
86F4812HBilling Workfile - History16WDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
87F4812HSBilling Workfile History Purged Save16WDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
88F48S910Billing Detail Journal File24W2LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
89F48S911Compressed Journal File22W3LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
90F48S912G/L Link File5W6LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
91F48S95Billing AAI Information21WVLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
92F48SUI01Billing Detail Print Workfile16WDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP57: Reserved for Clients
93F74T550General Ledger Work File - Turkish25DKLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
94F74T550BGeneral Ledger PO Work File - Turkish12POLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP74: EMEA Localization
95F749103Section Column Definition - EMEA - 7413CDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
96F749105Cells Definition - EMEA - 7411EDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP74H: Hungary
97F741202Work File Accumulated Asset Movement Dep - HUN - 745WFLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP74P: Poland
98F74902TAccount Balance Tag File - COM - 09 - 74P5ATLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
99F74P9100Cash Desk Transaction - POL - 74P9CDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
100F74R0018Russian Tax File - 74R71TDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
101F74R0100Petty Cash Transactions - RUS - 00 - 74R10PCLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
102F74R9002Correspondence Balance - RUS- 09 - 74R6GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
103F74R9029Open Accounts - RUS - 09 - 74R7OALTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP75C: China - Reporting System Only
104F75CUI1China Financial Report Work File - 1023CFLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
105F75CUI2China Financial Report Staging Work File - 105CFLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP76A: Argentina
106F76A41CERG G/L - Lot Detail - ARG - 09 - - 098LDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP76B: Brazil - Reporting System Only
107F76B902IN86-Work Table for Account Balance - 0915BCLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
108F76B911IN86-Work Table for Journal Entries - 0920BDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP76C: Colombia
109F76C0902Debits and Credits T/B by object account - COL - 76C5GBLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
110F76C575Work File Magnetic Media - COL - 046Q1LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
111F76C9415Workfile for Dialy Book - COL - 0912LDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
112F76CT1Tributary Information - COL - 76C6TILTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP76H: Chile
113F76H6001Actual Cost Process Header - CHI - 41 - 76H11PHLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
114F76H6002Indirect Costs Selection EPS F1602 - CHI - 41 - 76H8I1LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
115F76H6003Indirect Costs Selection EPS F1642 - CHI - 41 - 76H5I2LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
116F76H6005Account ID / Cost Type Relationship - CHI - 41 - 76H1ACLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
117F76H6201Replacement Cost Process Header - CHI - 4110RHLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
118F76H902TAccount Balances Tag File - CHI - 09 - 76H5ATLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP76P: Peru
119F76P502Asset ledger set up - PER - 12 - 76P4ALLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP83: Management Reporting - FASTR
120F83UI001Balance Audit Work File - (Financial Reporting)10R1LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOP89: Conversion Programs
121F0902AAccount Debit Balances5GDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
122F42119BSales Order History File - temporary for upgrade (2)11SDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
123F4211BSales Order Detail File - temporary for upgrade (2)11SDLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
124F43199ATemp F43199 for ERP 9.0 Upgrade124OLLTLedger TypesStringUDC20
TOPH95: Tech Resources/Applications
125F8304FASTR - Column Specifications Master File10R4LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
126F8305FASTR - Row Specifications Master File7R5LTLedger TypesStringUDC20
127F8306FASTR - Cell Specifications Master File7R6LTLedger TypesStringUDC20

User Defined Codes are, by design, customisable and thus will differ from system to system depending on the business requirements.

TOPUDC 09 / LT (Ledger Types) stock values

ValueDescriptionSpecial Handling CodeHard Coded
1        AAGeneral LedgerN
2        ACConsolidations LedgerN
3        AD"As If" Restatement LedgerN
4        AUGeneral Ledger UnitsN
5        AXCost Markup/Billing LedgerN
6        AZCash BasisN
7        B2Revised BudgetN
8        B3Budget Ledger Amount - 3rdN
9        BABudget AmountN
10        BUBudget Ledger UnitsN
11        BXBudget Assumptions - DollarsN
12        BZBudget Assumptions-StatisticsN
13        CAForeign CurrencyN
14        CDForeign Currency-Direct UpdateN
15        CUForeign Currency - UnitsN
16        D1Federal Tax -Book1N
17        D2State - 150% Decline BalN
18        D3Earn. & Profit-MACRSN
19        D4Alter. Minimum-200%N
20        D5MACRS AlternativeN
21        D7Revaluation LedgerN
22        E2Committed Out of ScopeN
23        E3Proceed in ScopeN
24        E4Proceed Out of ScopeN
25        E5Anticipated in ScopeN
26        E6Anticipated Other EstimateN
27        E7Potential Out of ScopeN
28        EUChange Management UnitsN
29        F%Percent of Job CompleteN
30        FAField Progress AmountsN
31        FEField Estimate LedgerN
32        FIFinancial InformationN
33        FMStored MaterialsN
34        FUField Progress UnitsN
35        GAActual Lease RevenuesN
36        GPGAAP AdjustmentsN
37        GUUnit Square Footage AmountsN
38        H%Percent CompleteN
39        HAProjected Final AmountN
40        HUProjected Final UnitsN
41        IAJob Cost Projection Budget AmtN
42        JAJob Cost Budget AmountN
43        JUJob Budgeted UnitsN
44        KANotice to Proceed - AmountsN
45        KUNotice to Proceed - UnitsN
46        LARequest Budget Changes AmountN
47        LURequest Budget Changes UnitsN
48        MAMemo Budget Changes AmountN
49        MUMemo Budget Changes UnitsN
50        NANotice to Proceed - AmountsN
51        NINet Insider LedgerN
52        NTNotice to Proceed - UnitsN
53        NUNet Insider Units LedgerN
54        PAPO/Contract AmountN
55        PRMonthly ProductionN
56        PUPO/Contract UnitsN
57        RARemaining Unit RateN
58        ROEncumbrance RolloverN
59        SASpeculative Lease AmountsN
60        TABook To Tax LedgerN
61        TB`754` Basis AdjustmentsN
62        TFBook To Tax Ledger - As IfN
63        TX1099 AdjustmentN
64        U2Opening AccountsN
65        XAAlternate LedgerUSDN
66        XTTransfer Cost LedgerN
67        YADomestic OriginN
68        ZAForeign OriginUSDN
69        ZUCash Basis UnitsN