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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F9671SDSoftware Update Detail Table
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
9F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
10F41021LIItem Location File

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F76AUI46WFCERG A/R -Work File - ARG - 03B - 76A
3F4211SDSales Order Detail File
4F4101IMItem Master
5F0101ABAddress Book Master
6F0911GLAccount Ledger
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
3F0101ABAddress Book Master
4F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
5F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
6F4211SDSales Order Detail File
7F42119SDSales Order History File
8F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
9F0902GBAccount Balances
10F4801WAWork Order Master File

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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP00: Foundation Environment
1F0911Account Ledger81GLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP03B: Enhanced Accounts Receivable
2F03B117Revenue Recognition GL Info27RLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
3F03B119Revenue Recognition GL Info Audit15RNWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP05: Time Accounting and HRM Base
4F06106Employee Pay Instructions83YMWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
5F0618Employee Transaction History19YTWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP05T: Time Entry
6F06116Employee Transaction Detail File19YTWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
7F06116Z1Employee Transactions - Batch File36VLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
8F06116Z2ESS Timecard History36VMWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
9F0624Burden Distribution File14J#WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
10F06241Burden Distribution File14J#WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
11F06278Retro Timecard Detail File22YTWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
12F06290Payroll Accounting Journal Work File9YRWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
13F063951Payroll Journal (Compressed) File26GLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP07: Payroll
14F05290WF - Payroll Journal (Detail)26JRWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
15F0716701Employee Assignment T/E Template Information31EAWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
16F0716709Employee Assignment T/E Template Info History31EAWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
17F071861Stub Detail Piece Rate History File15Y8WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
18F0724Burden Distribution File17YSWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
19F07241Burden Distribution File17YSWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
20F073521Stub Detail Piece Rate File15Y2WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
21F07UI200Timecard History Work File22THWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP08AD: ADP Integration
22F051371ADP Employee DBA Instructions89ADWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP09: General Accounting
23F0911PPurge - Account Ledger81GLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
24F0911Z1Journal Entry Transactions - Batch File98VNWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
25F0911Z4F0911 Interoperability Table103SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
26F09UI015Indexed Computations Multi-Tiered Entries81GLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP13: Plant/Equipment Management
27F13411PM Projections18RXWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP17: Customer Service Management
28F4801Z2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing56WSWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP18: Timecard Automation
29F186602Labor Rules Tag File33TFWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP31: Shop Floor Control
30F31091Schedule Quantity Detail13IQWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
31F31091SSchedule Quantity Detail Purge13IQWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP41: Inventory Management
32F41UI001Inventory Transactions Detail File168ITWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP41F: Apparel Management
33FCW65Work Order Header for Style Items38OFWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP42: Sales Management
34F42800G1Sales Update G Batch Detail Workfile33DGWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP43: Procurement
35F43080Approvals Fields Constants135PDWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
36F4311Purchase Order Detail File135PDWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
37F4311ZPurchase Order Generator File139PWWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
38F4311Z1Purchase Order Detail Unedited Transaction Table148SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
39F43199P.O. Detail Ledger File - Flexible Version135OLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP47: Electronic Commerce
40F47017EDI Purchase Order Detail - Outbound149SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
41F47022EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound149SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
42F47072EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Inbound150SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
43F47077EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Outbound150SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
44F47097EDI Request for Quote Detail - Outbound149SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
45F47102EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Inbound149SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
46F47122EDI Product Activity Data Detail - Inbound72MJWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
47F47127EDI Product Activity Data Detail - Outbound72MJWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
48F47137EDI Purchase Order Change Detail - Outbound150SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
49F47142EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound151SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
50F47157EDI Shipping Schedule Detail - Outbound158SZWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP48: Work Order Processing
51F48001Work Order Default Coding File1WEWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
52F4801Work Order Master File37WAWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
53F4801SPurge - Work Order Master file37WAWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
54F4801Z1Outbound Work Order Header56SYWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
55F48710Work Order Mass Update Template Table45WTWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
56F48UI001X4801 Master Business Function Workfile40WAWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP48S: Service Billing
57F4812Billing Detail Workfile14WDWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
58F4812HBilling Workfile History14WDWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
59F4812HSBilling Workfile History Purged Save14WDWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
60F48S0618Payroll Reclassification Workfile19YTWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
61F48S910Billing Detail Journal Workfile47W2WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
62F48S911Summarized Journal Workfile38W3WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
63F48SUI01Billing Detail Print Workfile14WDWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOP89: Conversion Programs
64F07186TPiece Rate History File14Y8WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
65F07352TPiece Rate Stub Detail Tag File15Y2WR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
66F43199ATemp F43199 for ERP 9.0 Upgrade135OLWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40
TOPH99: Product Version Control
67F9900003Software Update Object Verification Work Table11SUWR01Categories - Work Order 01StringUDC40

User Defined Codes are, by design, customisable and thus will differ from system to system depending on the business requirements.

TOPUDC 00 / W1 (Phase/System Codes) stock values

ValueDescriptionSpecial Handling CodeHard Coded
1  . N
2      0System/Product Coding Scheme N
3      00Foundation Environment N
4      00SFoundation Self Service N
5      01Address Book N
6      01RSRapid Start N
7      02Electronic Mail N
8      03Accounts Receivable N
9      0301Credit Management N
10      03BEnhanced Accounts Receivable N
11      03CIssue Management System N
12      04Accounts Payable N
13      05Time Accounting and HRM Base N
14      0510Advanced Time Management N
15      05AOW HR & PR Foundation N
16      05COW HR & PR Foundation Canadian N
17      05TTime Entry N
18      05UOW HR & PR Foundation US N
19      06Payroll (old) N
20      07Payroll N
21      07SPayroll SUI N
22      07TPayroll Tips Module N
23      07YUS Payroll Year End N
24      08Human Resources N
25      08BBenefits Administration N
26      08COW HR Canadian N
27      08HHealth and Safety N
28      08LMHCM Learning Management Integr N
29      08PPosition Control N
30      08RRecruitment Management N
31      08UOW HR US N
32      08WWage and Salary N
33      09General Accounting N
34      09EExpense ReimbursmentNY
35      1Project Phase 1 N
36      10Financial Reporting N
37      10CMulti-Site Consolidations N
38      11Multi Currency N
39      11CCash Basis N
40      12Fixed Assets N
41      13Plant/Equipment Management N
42      14Modeling, Planning & Budgeting N
43      15Real Estate Management N
44      15LAdv Real Estate Forecasting N
45      15SReal Estate Self-Service N
46      16Profit Management (EPS) N
47      17Customer Service Management N
48      17AAriba Integration N
49      17CCall Management N
50      17SSiebel Integration N
51      18Timecard Automation N
52      19Utility CIS N
53      2Project Phase 2 N
54      20Energy Base N
55      3Project Phase 3 N
56      30Product Data Management N
57      3010 Process Data Management N
58      30AProduct Costing N
59      31Shop Floor Control N
60      3110 Process Control N
61      31AManufacturing Accounting N
62      31BBlend Management N
63      32Configuration Management N
64      32CCustom Works N
65      33Capacity Planning N
66      34Requirements Planning N
67      34AAdvanced Planning & Scheduling N
68      35Enterprise Facility Planning N
69      36Forecasting N
70      37Quality Management N
71      38Agreement Management N
72      39Advanced Stock Valuation N
73      4Project Phase 4 N
74      40Inventory/OP Base N
75      4010Advanced Price Adjustments N
76      40GGrower Management N
77      40SSupply Chain Self Service N
78      41Inventory Management N
79      41ASupply Chain Extensions N
80      41BBulk Stock Management N
81      42Sales Management N
82      42BSales Order Entry N
83      42EECS Sales Management N
84      42SCustomer Self Service N
85      43Procurement N
86      43APurchase Order Receipt/Routing N
87      43BVoucher Match and Landed Cost N
88      43SSupplier Self Service N
89      44Subcontract Management N
90      4401Homebuilder Management N
91      44HHomebuilder Management N
92      44H0HomeBuilder Setup N
93      44H1HomeBuilder Community N
94      44H2HomeBuilder Lot N
95      44H3HomeBuilder Plan N
96      44H4HomeBuilder Option N
97      44H5HomeBuilder Sales N
98      44H6HomeBuilder Purchasing N
99      44H7HomeBuilder Construction N
100      44H9Extended Data Levels N
101      45Advanced Pricing N
102      46Warehouse Management N
103      47Electronic Commerce N
104      48Work Order Processing N
105      48SService Billing N
106      49Transportation Management N
107      50Job Cost Base N
108      51Job Costing N
109      51FAdvanced Project Forecasting N
110      52Contract Billing N
111      53Change Management N
112      55Reserved for Clients N
113      56Reserved for Clients N
114      57Reserved for Clients N
115      58Reserved for Clients N
116      59Reserved for Clients N
117      60Reserved for JDE Custom N
118      61Reserved for JDE Custom N
119      62Reserved for JDE Custom N
120      63Reserved for JDE Custom N
121      64Reserved for JDE Custom N
122      65Reserved for JDE Custom N
123      66Reserved for JDE Custom N
124      67Reserved for JDE Custom N
125      68Reserved for JDE Custom N
126      69Reserved for JDE Custom N
127      70Multi-National Products N
128      71Client Server Applications N
129      72World Vision N
130      73M & D complementary products N
131      74EMEA Localization N
132      74AAustria Y
133      74BBegium Localization N
134      74CSwitzerland Y
135      74DGermany Y
136      74FFrance Y
137      74GGreece Y
138      74HHungary N
139      74IIreland N
140      74LPortugal N
141      74MDenmark Y
142      74NNordics N
143      74ONorway Y
144      74PPoland N
145      74RCIS N
146      74SSpain N
147      74TTurkey N
148      74UUnited Kingdom Localizations N
149      74VFinland Y
150      74WSweden Y
151      74XSouth Africa Y
152      74YItaly Y
153      74ZCzech Republic N
154      75ASEAN Localization N
155      75AAustralia Y
156      75CChina Y
157      75HThailand N
158      75IIndia N
159      75JJapan Y
160      75KKorea N
161      75OHong Kong Y
162      75SSingapore Y
163      75TTaiwan N
164      75ZNew Zealand N
165      76Latin American Localization N
166      76AArgentina N
167      76BBrazil Y
168      76CColombia N
169      76HChile N
170      76MMexico N
171      76NCanada Y
172      76PPeru N
173      76UUnited States Y
174      76VVenezuela N
175      77Payroll (Canadian) N
176      77YCanada Payroll Year End N
177      79Translation Tools N
178      80Business Intelligence N
179      80BBusiness Intelligence N
180      80CContent Management N
181      80DPlant Manager Dashboard N
182      81DREAM Writer N
183      81ADREAMWriter Conversion Tool N
184      82World Writer N
185      82AWorld Writer Conversion Tool N
186      83Management Reporting - FASTR N
187      83AFASTR Conversion Tool N
188      84Distributive Data Processing N
189      85Custom Programming N
190      86Electronic Doc. Interchange N
191      87JDE Internal N
192      88Cautious Purge System N
193      89Conversion Programs N
194      90BCRM Financial Services Base Ap N
195      90MCRM Custom N
196      90SCRM Standalone Base App N
197      91Documentation N
198      92Computer Assisted Design N
199      93Computer Assisted Programming N
200      94Security Officer N
201      96Computer Operations N
202      97Software Installation N
203      98Technical Tools N
204      98EElectronic Burst and Bind N
205      98FTForm Type N
206      98SASample Application N
207      99Technical Tools - Internal N
208      99DTechnical Tools - DASD Sizer N
209      99MTechnical Tools-Masters/Update N
210      H79Translation Tools N
211      H87JDE Internal N
213      H90AXPI Enterprise - Active SW N
214      H90CXPIe Canonical N
215      H90MMH2 XBP set N
216      H90NXPI Collaborative - NetFish N
217      H90PProforma's - Solution Modeler N
218      H91 Design Tools N
219      H92 Interactive Engine/OL N
220      H92TTest Automation N
221      H93 Data Base and Communications N
222      H93FEnterprise Infrastructure N
223      H93JBusiness Logic Infrastructure N
224      H94 Batch Engine N
225      H95Object and Environment Tech N
226      H96 Deployment N
227      H96BPackage Build N
228      H96DMonitoring and Diagnostics N
229      H96IInstallation N
230      H96PProduct Packaging Tools N
231      H96UUpgrade N
232      H97 Benchmarking/Performance N
233      H98 Internet N
234      H99Product Version Control N
235      H99PTechnical Tools-OWPVC Internal N